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Yes! you can use the Android PET hands-free. One hand is on the sensor, another on the hammer, and the
The most common test method in the industry of pile testing is the pile integrity test, which is based on
SPT vs L/d ratio vs. Amplification
A new technical note in our Engineers page outlines the reasons for attenuation in pulse-echo integrity testing and the matching
The pulse-echo method (ASTM D5882), is based on tapping the pile head using a small handheld hammer and analyzing the
Classification of CSL sample
A task force of industry experts was formed to review the existing CSL rating criteria and propose improvements where appropriate.
A new in DFI Magazine /May-June-2019 by Dr. Joram M. Amir ...Based on the technical paper by Amir, “Single-Tube Ultrasonic
ASTM standard D8232-18  was just released! Standard Test Procedures for Measuring the Inclination of Deep Foundations Dr. Joram M. Amir,
A new animated movie introducing the CHUM just added to our YouTube channel We think it is an effective and
  Pile P20 - A Case History supported by 3D tomography and verified by coring Erez I Amir. Piletest  
Familiar with the "Waterfall" presentation? Ever wondered what those funny lines represent? This short technical note will answer some (or
We liked this surreal and colorful picture showing CHUM CSL testing so much we just had to share it with
Every standard specifies the permitted deviation from the vertical - and for a good reason. But until now, there was
A 3D "flight" into a defected pile to visualize all the hidden defects Data logged by the CHUM - CrossHole
You are probably spending way too much time on your testing! Why is this happening? And what am I doing
For years I'm searching for the best way to create an interesting media to present in a simple way, how
This is how to test a pile Read here for more
A nice end-to-end CHUM case history, showing how a defect is found, verified and patched. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQ2PvDe8jjw&feature=youtu.be  
Unsorted library of defected piles and other deep foundations All found with CHUM and PET  
Animated 3DT (part of the 3D package) Why real 3 Dimensional Tomography (3DT) is important? Drawings or graphs can only display