When did it all begin?

The most common test method in the industry of pile testing is the pile integrity test, which is based on the Pile Echo Method (PEM). It all started with the following article from 1963, just about when I was born. It took another 30! years for real products to reach the market. Piletest, as a market pioneer, makes great efforts to create educational materials for this industry. Finding this paper took, devotion and some professional search people to find it, which made it exciting to discover.

Copy of the paper can be found here

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The Power of Averaging

The pulse-echo method (ASTM D5882), is based on tapping the pile head using a small handheld hammer and analyzing the resulting head velocities to find length and anomalies. A single impact trace should theoretically contain all the information needed for the analysis. However, a single impact trace may contain any degree of random noise due to environmental noise, poor pile head preparation, or operator errors. Traditionally, a few additional traces were requested, to demonstrate repeatability – the analysis was, nevertheless, done on a single trace.

In contrast, with the PET the operator collects a large number of traces, and the software automatically sorts and averages the impacts while the operator works on the whole set of impact traces as one entity. This approach brings many benefits. Read more …

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Can 3D video make the difference?

For years I’m searching for the best way to create an interesting media to present in a simple way, how simple and effective it is to run tests with the Piletest products. We tried nice brochures, and presentations – boring! We tried filming a video – Extremely complicated, as it requires a live outdoor construction site, and eventually you can not film the process in the ground. Now we have made this animated video, which is self explanatory, yet unlike a presentation it is a 3D animation, which makes it exciting to watch – Here it is:

See also versions in Spanish and French voice

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