A proposed improved CSL rating criteria

A proposed improved CSL rating criteria

A task force of industry experts was formed to review the existing CSL rating criteria and propose improvements where appropriate. The recommendations were presented in a document that presents the consensus of the task force and which suggests it will be incorporated into future criteria, codes, and specifications.

Piletest already implemented the criteria into the CHUM software by the form of a “classification bar”. Once enabled, a colored bar appears at the left of each profile and clearly shows the classification at that point.
In addition, hovering the mouse pointer over the profile shows the location of the pulse within the classification “map”.

CHUM classification bar

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Pile Testing — Anomalies, Flaws and Defects

Pile Testing — Anomalies, Flaws and Defects

A new in DFI Magazine /May-June-2019 by Dr. Joram M. Amir

…Based on the technical paper by Amir, “Single-Tube Ultrasonic Testing of Pile Integrity,” which was published in the proceedings of the ASCE 2002 Deep Foundation Congress, the following definitions are intended to make a clear distinction between the results of the integrity tests, the physical condition of the pile and the necessary action, if any. The terms were incorporated in ASTM D6760 and can also be visualized using a Venn
diagram in which they can be depicted and distinguished.

ream more

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